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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Who can use this service and when is it available?
A This service is available to anyone aged 18 or over in the relevant area. Use it to help anyone who needs some on-the-spot assistance. Offer your support when you have some spare time. (available from 8:00AM to 9:00PM. Available times may vary depending on the area).
Q I'm worried about giving away personal information such as my contact details
A All third party interaction is done via chatbot (automatic response program). To ensure meetings and assistance go smoothly, the only details disclosed to others are the user’s nickname, approximate age, gender, credentials and location (for a maximum of 30 minutes between matching and meeting). You can use the service with confidence.
Q I need some assistance, but I don't see any helpers around
A Please be aware that the service does not guarantee that there will be a helper available to give assistance when required. If you’re struggling to find someone to help you, try sending out another help request.
Q I’m in the area but I’m not receiving any requests for help
A Please be aware that the service does not guarantee that someone will ask for your assistance. When offering your services as a helper, just do as much as you are reasonably able. You may not receive a direct request, but a notification (• of helpers are around you) is sent out to registered users in the area who might need assistance. People find it reassuring simply to know there are helpers around just in case they need one!
Q A passer-by helped me before I actually met my helper, so I didn't need any support after all.
A Just click "Cancel request" on your talk screen. The helper will be notified that their assistance is no longer needed.
Q I was ready to assist someone but then I couldn't go to the meeting place
A Click "Decline request" on the talk screen. The help requester will be notified.
Q I can’t find the person who has asked for help/the helper
A As the requester and the helper approach each other, the message “Display Card” appears on the talk screen. The requester and helper both see the same image. When you are about to meet, highlight the card on the screen and hold the phone around - that will make it easier for you to find each other, serving as a mark. You can also refer to details such as color of the clothes the other person is wearing or the accessory they are carrying. But if you still cannot find the person, press "Cancel request" or "Decline request".
Q I’m nervous about assisting someone in a wheelchair or with a stroller on my own
A If you think it will be physically too difficult to help someone by yourself, or that there is a risk of someone getting injured, don’t strain yourself. Just politely say you can’t do it. Instead, tell the person which way to go to use a slope or an elevator. We want all users and helpers to feel safe and confident when they use the service.
Q What happens if someone uses this service with malicious intent?
A In the unlikely event that we detect unauthorized or malicious usage of this service, we reserve the right to suspend the account in question at our own discretion. We want everyone to feel safe and confident when they use the service.
Q How do I delete my account?
A You can unsubscribe from the service by going to “Delete Account” on the menu screen of the app. Please note that just uninstalling the app does not delete your account.
Q Recommended operating environment
A We recommend Android 6.0 and higher or iOS 11 and higher (does not work on iPod Touch or similar).
Q What is my location information used for?
A It is used to notify the other party where you are ahead of your meeting. After you have met, your information is displayed to the other party until you press “End contact,” or for a maximum of 30 minutes after helper and help requester are matched, whichever is the sooner.
Q How do I accumulate points?
A When you join May ii, you pick up points for your participation, such as registering your profile or entering assistance area. Your ranking is determined by the number of points you accumulate. Try to get your rating as high as you can - the more you participate the better your ranking!
Q When do I use the emergency contact number?
A You can make calls to a pre-registered emergency phone contact in case of emergencies. Use this in emergencies, for instance if trouble arises or a situation gets out of hand.
Q I’m not getting any messages to my registered email address
A Your email configuration may be set to block messages from send-only addresses. Check your settings to see if you can receive emails from
Q Do I need to pay to use the app?
A May ii is a free service.
Q I can’t log in
A Please check the password you have entered. If you type in the wrong password a few times, your account may be automatically locked for a short period. Try again later. If you still can’t log in, reset your password.
Q I forgot my password
A If you can’t remember your password, reset your password from the login screen. An authentication code will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Follow the instructions on the app screen to reset your password.
Q There is nothing that applies to me under “Features” in the profile settings
A We update the profile settings and other features as needed based on feedback from our users. If you don't see any attributes that apply to you in the “Features” options, please contact us so we can make the necessary improvements.
Q Is the rating I give after the meeting disclosed to the other party?
A Rest assured that your rating is not disclosed to the other party. Your feedback is simply used to help improve the service.
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